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Considering that launching in 2012, Moon Juice has turn out to be 1 of the leaders of SoCal&rsquos higher-vibe holistic wellness scene&mdashbut now, its signature sips are no longer an only-in-Los Angeles phenomenon.

As of May two, a selection of the cosmically inspired brand&rsquos organic juices and nut milks have come to be available for nationwide shipping, joining the array wood sleigh headboard of snacks, pantry products, well being-enhancing dusts, and tonics that launched on the internet just over a year ago. And trust us: They&rsquore worth the wait.

There are 10 Standard Furniture options offered on the Moon Juice e-commerce web-site to begin with, like conventional combos of greens, fruits, and roots, plus flavors infused with more unexpected superfoods&mdashlike the Beauty Nectar juice ($9) made from grapefruit, aloe, schisandra berry, and pearl, and the Deep Chocolate almond milk ($9) that&rsquos spiked with avenue ii wood maca, cinnamon, and pink salt.

Photo: Moon Juice
Photo: Moon park avenue ii Juice

&ldquoWe chose these specific flavor profiles to give a sampling of our most popular juices and Moon Milks,&rdquo says founder Amanda Chantal Bacon. &ldquoInitially we&rsquoll start with eight-pack samplers, with our signature cleanses to adhere to in the close to future.&rdquo

Although the juices and milks shipped nationally will be preserved with higher-stress processing&mdasha somewhat controversial system of extending shelf life that&rsquos federally mandated when promoting avenue ii wood juices outdoors of a brand&rsquos own shops&mdashthey&rsquoll nevertheless be cold-pressed in tiny batches, and thus the nationwide supply will be restricted.

In other words, location your order now&mdashbut don&rsquot stress also much, because there will quickly be even much more Moon Juice in the New York City and LA wellness orbit. &ldquoWe strategy to [open] our East Coast flagship in NYC in early 2017,&rdquo Bacon tells Well+Very good. (The exact place isn&rsquot 100 % confirmed but.) &ldquoUntil Standard Furniture then, we have aligned with key retailers in the city Standard Furniture who are carrying Standard Furniture avenue ii wood a choice of juices, Moon Milks, Cosmic Provisions, Moon Dusts, avenue ii wood and Moon Pantry avenue ii wood [products], including Foragers Market, ABC Home, Nordstrom, and Jack&rsquos Stir Brew Coffee.&rdquo Yes, Nordstrom&hellipwho knew?

And in LA, a new Moon Juice location will be coming to Melrose Spot by July, joining existing places in Standard Furniture Venice, Silver Lake, and DTLA. We&rsquore told the new arrival is going to be out of this planet in terms of design and wellness park avenue ii offerings&mdashstellar!

Prior to you stock up on Moon Juice&rsquos signature Goodness Greens juice, attempt it out at home&mdashAmanda Chantal Bacon gave us the recipe. And mainly because she&rsquos got some of the wood sleigh headboard glowiest skin wood sleigh headboard we&rsquove ever seen, we had her inform avenue ii wood us her top rated all-natural beauty picks, too.

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