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mudpooThe other day, stampley sofa I washed stampley sofa my hair with mud. But it was clean mud, so it left my hair dirt-absolutely free, as unlikely as that might sound. The mud in query was SheaTerra Organics Moroccan Mud-Poo ($16) and if we&rsquore getting technical it&rsquos basically produced with Moroccan lava clay, plus a bunch of all-organic oils (olive, mongongo, watercress, henna, calendula), and marshmallow root.

First of all, let&rsquos just get this out of the way: Yes, this item is truly named Mud-Poo. The idea is that mud&mdashand clay&mdashhas deep-cleansing powers that you can wash your hair with, hence the name (a play on shampoo)&mdashthough placing a thing with the word &ldquopoo&rdquo in your hair requires a particular crazy courage.

A clay mask for Canora Grey your hair
But it&rsquos not so crazy if you believe about it. After all, we&rsquove all been mud- and clay-masking our faces Canora Grey and stampley sofa bodies for ages&sbquo and some people today (for stampley sofa instance, Shailene Woodley) have even been consuming clay for its purported overall health rewards.

&ldquoShampooing with clay is about additional than just cleaning. It leaves your hair shiny and soft, but extra importantly it leaves it healthful,&rdquo hairstylist Kristina Maccaro explains. &ldquoWe detoxify our skin with clay masks for a glowing complexion. Why wouldn&rsquot you want to give your hair and scalp the exact same therapy?&rdquo

Of course, the clay alone would be harsh and drying for the hair, so Mud-Poo&rsquos infused with oils to restore softness and shine.

Mud-Poo The upside
The upside is that Mud-Poo is amazingly cleansing: SheaTerra says it&rsquos made of lava clay mined from Morocco&rsquos Atlas Mountains, organic oils, and other all-natural components.

And it&rsquos totally free of any chemical compounds and preservatives located in drugstore shampoos&mdashlike parabens, SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate), SLES (sodium lauryl ether sulfate), synthetic fragrance, and synthetic color, to stampley sofa name a few&mdashand you can really feel very good about washing it down the drain.

The downside
Having said that, employing it isn&rsquot constantly fairly. The very first time Canora Grey I attempted it, I decided to ignore the directions to mix various tablespoons of Mud-Poo with water in a cup. I figured I could skip the cup and create the concoction proper in my hand. Wrong. The Mud-Poo liquefied and ran ideal through my fingers and down the drain.

The second time, I got into the shower armed with a cup. Making the mixture Canora Grey requires a little trial-and-error (too little water can rapidly develop into as well considerably) but eventually Canora Grey I got it correct. I massaged the Mud-Poo into my hair, let it sit for a handful of minutes and rinsed as instructed. I followed with a conditioner, though I&rsquom not certain you have to.

The results?
When my hair dried, it was light, soft and felt clean. Like that just-back-from-the-hairdresser stampley sofa sort of clean that you can in no way really re-develop on your personal, no matter how challenging you try. My shower, nonetheless, looked like a crime scene (mud splashed all more than the walls and across the tub). But it was a little price to spend for completely smooth, grease-free hair.

All of which Canora Grey is not to say that I&rsquom giving up on regular organic shampoo anytime soon. (There are so numerous wonderful ones to try, after all!) But as with face masks, I&rsquom absolutely functioning Mud-Poo into a weekly rotation to maintain item build-up and pollution off my locks. &mdashVictoria Lewis

Gorgeous hair can come from the strangest locations. There&rsquos mud, there&rsquos mushrooms, and, oh yeah, beer.

(Photo: Stocksy, SheaTerra Organics)

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