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You&rsquore feeling superior, riding challenging, and are this close to your individual finest in spin class&hellipwhen suddenly your ponytail unravels and you drop your pace to wipe your sweaty locks out milivoje coffee table of your eyes and tie your hair back.

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As it turns out, obtaining a hairstyle that tends to make it via your workouts intact is as difficult as obtaining a sports bra that truly fits. But we consider we&rsquove identified one that will preserve your Orren Ellis hair in check&mdashin and out of the gym.

Introducing the boxer braid, the most up-to-date style to take more than your Instagram feed. This tight-to-the-head double braid is so fantastic at keeping hair in verify (which might explain why its provenance is in the ring, through female fighters who couldn&rsquot threat being blinded by flyaways) that it&rsquos become a favorite of workout-obsessed social media stars like Kayla Itsines and milivoje coffee table Hannah Bronfman.

A significant portion of the appeal? Orren Ellis Once you&rsquove completed your boxing session, you could throw on your leather jacket, Orren Ellis spritz a bit of dry shampoo, and retain rocking milivoje coffee table your boxer braids all day Orren Ellis long (bonus points for looking added tough and cool at the business-wide Orren Ellis meeting).

Boxer Braids How To

While the boxer braid could be a bit trickier to master than the similarly beloved half bun, don&rsquot let it intimidate you: According to Michelle Steele, manager and stylist at the braid-driven 901too Salon in Los Angeles, even hair novices can get the hang of it. &ldquoThe key to the boxer braid is to start milivoje coffee table off with a powdered texture product, like Rahua&rsquos Voluminous Dry Shampoo, which will assistance even the finest hair appear fuller and make it considerably easier to style,&rdquo says Steele.

The important to the boxer braid is to start off with a powdered Orren Ellis texture-giving product or dry shampoo.

From there, part your hair down the middle, grab a section of hair close to the crown of 1 side, and divide that piece into 3 equal sections. Start braiding by crossing the strand in your ideal hand below the strand in the middle, following with the piece in your left, pulling in further hair as you go. Steele likens it to an milivoje coffee table inside-out, or Dutch, French braid (when in doubt, try a YouTube tutorial), and recommends going slow because you want the braids to be as tight as doable.

And yes, even you and your (extended/short/curly/thin/fill-in-the-blank) hair can rock the boxer braid. &ldquo[It&rsquos] such a trendy really feel ideal now due to the fact you can do it on any hair type,&rdquo Steele promises.

Prepared to step into the boxer braid ring? These seven It-girl-approved versions will have you ready to lace up that hair and test it out at every single workout you love.

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The Classic Boxer Braid

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If you&rsquore a purist, this is the look you&rsquore going for: braids tight to the head, and continued via to the recommendations, which are tightly secured.

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The Intentionally-Messy Boxer Braid

As seen on @WeWoreWhat
For the ultimate girl-on-the-go who doesn&rsquot have time to wash her hair soon after a workout, this style feeds off a looser braid. That signifies no have to have to re-tighten after your workout: Just spritz a little dry shampoo, slip into your favourite pair of Stan Smiths and studio-to-street leggings, and no one will be the wiser.

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The Boxer-Meets-Fishtail Braid

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For the experienced braider, try this two-in-one style. Alternatively of braiding all the way down, fishtail your hair after you hit the nape of your neck.

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The Intentional Flyaway Boxer Braid

As seen on @HannahBronfman
So even your boxer braid couldn&rsquot make it through that HIIT exercise without a couple of flyaways popping up. Disaster? Nope&mdashtake a page from Hannah Bronfman (who we assume discovered inspiration in FKA Twigs) and use a bit of hair gel or spray to set your halo of hair in a cool, swirling pattern.

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The Boxer-Ponytail Hybrid

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For the girl milivoje coffee table who just can&rsquot quit her ponytail habit, take into consideration this your boxer braid gateway drug. Braid about 3-quarters of the way down your head, and then safe each sides of hair in a single elastic band.

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The Boxer-Rope Twist

As seen on @Rachael_brook
If you&rsquore going for some thing a bit much more fashion than fitness, this is the milivoje coffee table appear for you. Braid from your roots to the nape of your neck, where you&rsquoll secure every side with a hair tie. milivoje coffee table From there, separate each ponytail into three parts, twisting the remaining hair till you attain the tips. Steele suggests utilizing modest, clear hair ties for the tightest grip.


The Boxer Braid Shorty

As observed on @kristin_ess
If you&rsquore Orren Ellis rocking the current lob trend, worry not: The boxer braid is for you, too. Just retain braids smaller sized (do this by dividing your hair up into thirds, quarters, or even fifths), and soon after your exercise you can undo one particular side of braids for a fierce, higher-style style.

Looking for an additional workout-approved hairstyle? Try out the half-bun. Require some rad leggings with that &lsquodo? These reader faves will do the trick&hellip

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