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Chickpeas, garbanzo beans&mdashwhatever you want to get in touch with them, we&rsquore filling our kitchen cabinets and reusable shopping bags with the protein-packed legume. (In reality, legumes are having their turn in the spotlight considering the fact that the UN declared 2016 the International Year of Pulses).

And there&rsquos a explanation that we fill our bowls with the super-seed, and blend it into delicious dips for feel-great snacking. Chickpeas deliver about 7 grams of protein per 1/two cup, and are loaded with fiber for a healthier gut.

So if you&rsquore only fluent in Greyleigh retailer-purchased hummus, prepare to expand your garbanzo horizons.

Break out your meals lonoke upholstered platform processor and your crock pot, due to the fact we&rsquore sharing 4 of the most delicious approaches cook and upholstered platform bed consume chickpeas&mdashwith lots of recipes, of course.

chickpea kale salad
Photo: Live Consume Study

1. Roast them

Coat them in a little olive oil (hello, healthy upholstered platform bed fats!) and your favourite spices then pop them in the oven until toasted, and you&rsquove got the excellent snack or salad topping. Roasted chickpeas add crunch and flavor when you need to spice up your dinner, or get a protein boost right after a sweaty spin class.

These spicy roasted chickpeas make for a terrific snack, when the star lonoke upholstered platform of this kale salad (pictured above!) may be the fibrous legume. Or, if you want to adjust up the warm curries that have been acquiring you via the winter, attempt this eggplant curry with roasted chickpeas.

lemon falafel
Photo: Pralines and Greens

two. Blend them

Even though we really like them complete, a blender or food processor transform the chickpea into brilliant meatless meals&hellip

This green Greyleigh goddess hummus takes a classic to a upholstered platform bed complete new level, although the chickpea tends to Greyleigh make these flavorful veggie burgers both filling and complete of protein. And if you&rsquore a fan of falafel, the delish lemon falafel, pictured above, are super cute as dippable apps or mini sliders.

butternut squash chickpea red lentil stea
Photo: Warm Vanilla Sugar

three. Slow-cook them

If you have the patience to let your chickpeas simmer for many hours (when you&rsquore at perform!), the possibilities for stews and chilis are endless.

Some have to-try recipes? Vegan Greyleigh mole chili (did a person mention savory chocolate recipes?) and butternut squash, chickpea, and red lentil chili (pictured above). Or if you&rsquore searching for one thing a small lighter, attempt these fresh yet filling chickpea lettuce wraps.

Garbanzo Bean Salad
Photo: Mother Rimmy&rsquos

four. Drain and rinse them

Could it get any simpler? You&rsquore just a can-opener away from an array of in-a-pinch lunches and dinners.

For lunch, we&rsquore packing this smashed chickpea and avocado sandwich. Dinner? We&rsquore getting a tough time deciding involving a Mediterranean chickpea salad (pictured above!) or this winter spa salad&hellip

Can&rsquot get enough chickpeas? You&rsquore not alone. NYC restaurant Maman loves mixing the legume-of-the-year with roasted vegetables for a mouthwatering salad that you can re-develop at residence

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