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You&rsquore going to look so dreamy at Yoga Shanti this summer.

New activewear boutique Juja Active will open in Southampton this Memorial Day weekend, with a selection of workout leblanc upholstered panel clothes that you can wear for a selection of sweat sessions&mdashbut that are mostly from yoga-centric indie brands.

&ldquoI&rsquove spent a lot of time here, and I truly know the yoga community,&rdquo says owner Jen Russo. &ldquoWe&rsquore genuinely coming from a yoga Wrought Studio location.&rdquo

The opening follows final summer&rsquos debut of athleisure shop Bandier, which is proper around the corner from Juja (and is now a hotspot with a Manhattan place, as well).

Russo has been an investment banker for the past 20 years and practiced yoga for the final 15. She decided to open Juju Active, she says, after noticing a disconnect involving wonderful indie yoga brands and the customer.

So she&rsquos stocking below-the-radar brands like Crane &amp Lion, Red Tiger, and Electric &amp Rose. And the store has a yoga platform and mat to attempt them out. Russo has plans for an e-commerce website later this summer season and additional locations down the line, but for now, she&rsquoll focus on making a space that resonates with the upholstered panel headboard summer crowds.

&ldquoReally, we have a social mission to empower women and girls,&rdquo Wrought Studio she says. &ldquoAs women, we&rsquore currently very tough on ourselves. We want to have a leblanc upholstered panel constructive power and alter the way women view themselves.&rdquo In the dressing space, and on the mat, we presume. &mdashJamie McKillop

For much more data, visit www.jujaactive.com

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