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healthy-almond-and-cinnamon-starsRolling out sugar cookie dough and cutting out gingerbread men is a substantial part of the vacation season for lots of kylee tv stand people today.

And then there are the meals bloggers featured here, who&rsquove managed to take the complete tradition up a notch, adding in wholesome ingredients Union Rustic like coconut oil, generating wise swaps like maple syrup for sugar, and offering super-tasty options for those who come to the holiday table with vegan or gluten-totally free restrictions.

Consider coconut macaroons with dark chocolate, ginger, and pistachio and the almond and cinnamon stars pictured above. If you don&rsquot have an annual vacation baking tradition, these are purpose enough to begin one particular. &mdashWilla Tellekson Flash and Lisa Elaine Held

(Photo: Heavenlynn Healthier)

Christmas+Gingerbread+Cookies3. Coconut Macaroons with Chocolate, Ginger &amp Pistachio

Josephine of A Tasty Enjoy Story makes her macaroons exclusive by adding &ldquoan extra flavor enhance from candied ginger and salty pistachios.&rdquo And in addition to utilizing just a couple of simple ingredients like coconut, eggs, and vanilla, she also gives lots of variations for naturally sweet sugar substitutes if you want to skip the real stuff.

(Photo: A Tasty Appreciate Story)

Nuts-Seeds-Taffy-114. Nuts &amp Seeds Toffee Squares

Thought you&rsquod in no way hear the words toffee and wholesome in the very same sentence? Healthful Pursuit&lsquos Leanne uses almond butter and honey as a base and then packs walnuts, almonds, pecans, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds into her toffee that has crunchy, salty, sweetness.

(Photo: Healthful Pursuit)

vegan-gluten-free-linzer-cookies-recipefive. Vegan and Gluten-Free of charge Linzer Cookies

The Unconventional Baker has a secret weapon: powdered coconut milk&mdasha wholesome replacement for powdered sugar. You won&rsquot even be capable to tell that this holiday classic has been healthified.

(Photo: Unconventional Baker)

Peppermint Trufflessix. Chocolate Peppermint Truffles

The Sensible Cookie combines dried figs, chickpeas, and cocoa powder to make these festive bites. An added advantage? Union Rustic &ldquoSmashing the candies into dust is strangely satisfying and would possibly be a excellent anxiety reliever,&rdquo just in case the holidays are obtaining to you.

(Photo: The Smart Cookie)

healthy-almond-and-cinnamon-stars7. Almond and Union Rustic Cinnamon Christmas Stars

The star of this recipe? Coconut sugar. Lynn of Heavenlynn Healthier utilizes it in place of white sugar, combined with ground almonds and chia seeds, to make these stunners.

(Photo: Heavenlynn Healthy)

eight. Spiced Vermont Maple Cookies

Coconut oil, maple syrup, and applesauce replace butter, sugar, and eggs in Caroline&rsquos Cooking&lsquos wholesome vegan recipe. Feel cozy winter cabin, in a cookie.

(Photo: Caroline&rsquos Cooking)


(Photo: Faring Well)

Chewy Peppermint Hot Chocolate Cookies10. Chewy Peppermint Hot Chocolate Cookies

&ldquoTo place a healthier spin on these seemingly over-indulgent treats, I utilized complete wheat pastry flour and rolled oats to type the kylee tv stand dough, along with a combination of coconut sugar and molasses rather than traditional brown sugar,&rdquo writes Jodye of Whole Pure Recipes.

Kitchen time = the greatest time. Keep cooking with these 5 recipes from the new Bulletproof Cookbook (no coffee mug Union Rustic necessary).

(Photo: Whole Pure Recipes)

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