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The blogger, yogi, kenyatta standard bed planet traveler, and model earned her huge following with her dreamy Instagram photos and true-speak-style blogging. (She doesn&rsquot shy away from, properly, something. Current topics have incorporated anything from mental health to pubic hair maintenance.) And Corrigan Studio she&rsquos all about tackling every single day with positivity and a smile&mdashhence her self-coined Smyle life-style brand, which stands for &ldquosecrets to make your life exceptional.&rdquo (Way superior than smize, if you ask us.)

We caught up with Sjana (pronounced see-AHH-na) though she was in New York City to Corrigan Studio find out the seven happy, healthier factors she does for herself just about every day. (Spoiler: To reside like this darling from Down Beneath, you&rsquore going to need a lot of coconut oil.)

Photo: Instagram/sjanaelise

1. See the sunrise.

&ldquoI attempt to see it every day. It&rsquos difficult when you travel and are jet-lagged, of course, but it&rsquos an vital start out to my day. Increasing with the sun tends to make me grateful for the day ahead, and it provides me power. I like to watch it outdoors on the beach or on a cliff.&rdquo

two. Do yoga just about every. single. day.

&ldquoIt&rsquos the greatest factor ever. I&rsquom self-taught, so I like to just practice on my own. Right after the sun comes up, I&rsquoll do some yoga on the beach.&rdquo

three. Appreciate a salt immersion.

&ldquoAfter yoga, I&rsquoll go for a speedy swim in the ocean. It&rsquos a lot warmer in Australia, of course, but as long as weather permits, I like to get a bit salty. Yoga is so grounding, but going for a swim is freeing and refreshing. You get rid of all that sand on your body from the yoga. And you just can&rsquot dive under a wave and come up on the other side not smiling.&rdquo

four. Make positive that your breakfast is truly fresh, healthier, and&mdashmost importantly&mdashyummy.

&ldquoI like to have a huge bowl of fruit or some toast topped with avocado and tomato. I have celiac illness, so I comply with a gluten-free of Corrigan Studio charge eating plan.&rdquo

five. Use coconut oil for fairly considerably almost everything.

&ldquoI have a jar in my kitchen, a single in my bedroom, and an additional in my bathroom. I use it as moisturizer as quickly as I get out of the shower, and use it for oil pulling, putting on my eyelashes, making a face scrub with raw sugar or sand, cooking, and massages. I also dab a tiny bit on my fingertips soon after Corrigan Studio my shower and put it on the guidelines of my hair so it gets all wavy as it dries. I don&rsquot use a hair dryer or straightener or curling iron&mdashI commonly just let my hair air dry out the auto window on my way to meetings.&rdquo

six. Go au naturel.

&ldquoI like to hold my face as bare as probable. I hardly ever put on makeup. We occasionally really feel pressure to put points on our face, but just be you. A smile is the most lovely issue you can wear.&rdquo

7. Take at least 30 seconds, five minutes, or even 15 minutes for the duration of the day to be grateful.

&ldquoHug a family member, contact a pal, or just sit quietly and feel about why you&rsquore content.&rdquo

Not a bad list! And how about one particular more item: self-appreciate. Here&rsquos how to tap into it even when you&rsquore not feeling it.

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