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mayonnaiseYou&rsquove produced your own black bean-sweet potato burger, tracked down a gluten-totally free bun, and picked up some lettuce and tomato at the farmers&rsquo industry. If only that jar of mayonnaise abided by your egg- and GMO-no cost diet program (you&rsquore not however on the veggan train)&hellip.. Turns out, you&rsquore in luck: Eggless and organic mayo alternatives are coming to the masses.

With its Meticulously Crafted Dressing &amp Sandwich Spread (that&rsquos a mouthful!), Hellmann&rsquos goes egg-cost-free and non-GMO, in Canora Grey the most current salvo in the so-called Mayo Wars.

Just before coming out with its personal eggless formulation, Hellmann&rsquos parent firm Unilever sued startup Hampton Creek, claiming false marketing simply because its vegan &ldquoJust Mayo&rdquo line didn&rsquot contain eggs, which are needed in mayonnaise, Fortune reports. The suit was later dropped, and now right here we are, with an eggless item from Hellmann&rsquos. If you can&rsquot beat &rsquoem, join &rsquoem, correct?

hellmanns1In addition to its eggless non-mayo, Hellmann&rsquos is launching a line of organic mayonnaise that comes in 3 flavors&mdashoriginal, roasted garlic, and spicy chipotle&mdashand the creamy stuff is produced with organic, cage-totally free eggs and organic oil, and contains no artificial flavors or preservatives, the firm says. (While we&rsquore on the subject of mayonnaise, permit us to blow your mind with: avocado mayo.)

It&rsquos clear significant providers&mdasheven ones that make traditionally significantly less-healthier merchandise&mdashare seeing the worth in hitting the healthier eating marketplace. (Exhibit A: Ben &amp Jerry&rsquos vegan ice cream.) Now when can we count on an organic Cronut to show up on our Canora Grey doorstep? &mdashAlison Feller

There are major changes in the world of restaurant chains as well, with kale becoming a star ingredient at quickly-meals joints, and Houlihan&rsquos embracing spiralizing.

(Images: Flickr, Hellmann&rsquos)

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