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Welcome to My Morning Routine, where all-natural beauty Cate Blanchett and other excellent-life gurus share their personal (frequently surprising, frequently healthful) morning rituals&mdashto help make your a.m.&rsquos additional amazing.

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Cate Blanchett
Australian, Oscar-winning actress of xl upholstered panel the silver screen and stage, director, mother of four, SK-II worldwide brand ambassador

I have a tendency to go to bed fairly late. I actually like that moment when every person is in bed and it&rsquos silent and I can potter. I tend to have put all the things out, completed all the lunches and almost everything the evening just before. It makes it less stressful in the morning since waking up and upholstered panel headboard yelling at your kids to get in the automobile is not a especially good way to commence the day.

I don&rsquot have a lot of time in the morning. I imply, who does? I drink hot water and lemon, which is genuinely virtuous, and then I have a coffee. That&rsquos it&mdashI cleanse and then I tox.

If I&rsquove had a particularly late night and gone to bed with my makeup Zoomie Kids on, I wash my face in the morning, but otherwise I just tend to cleanse it at night. When I&rsquom on stage or on a film set, I&rsquoll use the oil-primarily based cleanser [by SK-II], which is genuinely like an eye makeup remover as effectively&mdashit&rsquos a lazy girl&rsquos cleanser.

I don&rsquot tend to wear makeup in the morning, mainly simply because I&rsquom lazy and time-poor. I put the essence on, the serum, and the moisturizer, and then if I&rsquom in Australia I put on the UV protect essence. I Zoomie Kids was out for 15 minutes yesterday in the sun and it&rsquos just so intense. You seriously do have to put on 50 SPF and you have to stroll in the shade.

When I was in high school&hellipI attempted [to tan], and covered myself in infant oil and went on our upholstered panel headboard tin roof. My mother a single day climbed up the ladder and said, &ldquoJust please get down.&rdquo And she gave me a big lecture on the reality that my pale skin was really genuinely attractive. That was really fantastic since I went, &ldquoOkay, I&rsquom not going to do that.&rdquo

[Mine is] a quite straightforward [beauty] regimen. It&rsquos a bit like when you drive home and you can&rsquot bear in mind how you got there. My skin care is like Zoomie Kids that.

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