Domingue 16.5″ Side Chair Bungalow Rose

self-care-ritual2How are those New Year&rsquos intentions going? If you&rsquove fallen off track, ritualizing your purpose might just be the answer.

Now, hear us out&mdashwhen we say &ldquoritual,&rdquo we don&rsquot imply casting spells or chanting underneath the moon. (Though if that&rsquos your jam&hellip) &ldquoRituals are intentions that you turn into actions,&rdquo explains Lavinia Errico, founder of Equinox gyms&mdashyes, that Equinox!&mdashand chief wellness officer at all-natural skin-care line Son&aumlge. &ldquoAt the core of adopting rituals is an intent to expertise the moment.&rdquo

To make these residence-based rituals even far more enjoyable, here are some pro strategies on producing a space with purpose.

(Images:, Lavinia Errico)

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