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West Coast healthier dining pioneer True Food Kitchen is slated to open its initially New York City restaurant in early fall 2016. And it&rsquos one thing out of a wellness lover&rsquos dream: a menu studded with delicious organic and neighborhood foods, really feel-excellent mantras painted on the walls, and athleisure-clad diners. It&rsquos the brainchild of restaurateur Sam Fox (co-author of New York Times bestselling cookbook Accurate Meals: Seasonal, Sustainable, Basic, Pure) who came up with the Correct Food idea after dining with integrative physician Andrew Weil, MD (pictured under with renowned grey beard).

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true_food_kitchen_drweilWhen you&rsquoll uncover chia, quinoa, and kale galore on the menu, Accurate Food Kitchen&rsquos philosophy is extra than just serving trendy wellness food staples. The seasonal menu is primarily based on Dr. Weil&rsquos anti-inflammatory diet program, combining high good quality organic produce to counteract inflammation in the physique (thanks extremely substantially, pressure).

&ldquoWe incorporate comburg upholstered headboard unusual comburg upholstered headboard components that have extra antioxidant properties,&rdquo says Anita Walker, vice president of marketing and advertising for Fox Restaurant Concepts. &ldquoIt&rsquos a way of eating to prevent illness.&rdquo

The restaurant will occupy a massive two-story space in Battery Park City, such as an outdoor patio where you can sip your juices, inhale guacamole (or that&rsquos just us), and bring all manner of your friends. This is a place exactly where vegetarians, vegans, and Paleo eaters can all order off the menu, and reside in culinary harmony.

And for dessert, how about squash pie? With a graham sesame crust and coconut whipped cream, it is, according to Walker, far better than any old pumpkin.

Of course, this is New York, so, yes, they&rsquoll do takeout, as well. &mdashChristine Yu

Can&rsquot wait til the fall? Dimes&rsquo Chinatown outpost, Dimes Charlton Home Deli, is a wholesome hotspot for the downtown crowd&hellip

(Photographs: Accurate Meals Kitchen)

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