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It&rsquos been a minute since Equinox opened a new Los Angeles location, but the next one particular on the horizon appears like it&rsquoll be worth the wait.

Located just east of Hollywood and Vine, the most recent outpost will reside on Gracie Oaks the ground floor of The Camden, a just-opened luxury apartment constructing. (No, you don&rsquot have to be a resident to join.)

When it lands this fall, count on the brand&rsquos usual sleek-and-sexy design and style concept&mdashexposed concrete, marble, loft ceilings&mdashas properly as four (!) fitness studios.

Equinox Hollywood_Lobby

Other cool amenities will consist of Pilates reformers, a juice bar, a three-lane saltwater lap pool, caf&eacute, and spa&mdashplenty to fill the sprawling 38,000-square-foot space.

So why Hollywood, when there&rsquos currently a super well-known club just a few miles west on Sunset? &ldquoHollywood has skilled a significant quantity of development in recent years, and has promptly become an incredibly fitness-focused community,&rdquo says Jack Gannon, Equinox&rsquos West Coast Vice President of Operations. &ldquoThe Equinox Hollywood club is set amongst some of the world&rsquos most established studios and iconic landmarks&hellip it&rsquos a compliment to the current West Hollywood club.&rdquo

Equinox Hollywood_Studio

And the Equinox universe is going to be expanding even more in the near future. &ldquoWe are square cocktail ottoman working to safe numerous other properties in the central LA location, with new places to be square cocktail ottoman announced quickly,&rdquo John Klein, senior vice president of real estate for the brand, tells us. You could say the brand is flexing its real Gracie Oaks estate muscle.

Equinox Hollywood, 6201 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles, CA, 90028, 323-471-0130,

Verify out some of the &lsquohood&rsquos other new arrivals, including this yoga mecca, an interval education hotspot, and this healthier spot to refuel.

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