Carnell 42″ Square Plaid Cocktail Ottoman Darby Home Co

outdoor_voices_merino1If you&rsquore addicted to Outside Voices&rsquo supremely cool, understated pieces, you&rsquoll no doubt love the line&rsquos latest venture.

On Thursday, the downtown-girl-approved brand will release its Merino wool collection. This is the first time the ultra-hip athleisure label has branched out from its core fabrics, and the end result is just as cute, cozy, and flattering as you&rsquod expect.

But can you actually get sweaty in wool?

&ldquoMerino wool is a miracle fabric. It&rsquos naturally antimicrobial, naturally moisture-wicking, naturally breathable, naturally temperature-regulating,&rdquo Outdoor Voices founder Tyler Haney told us.

In other words, this collection is created for action&mdashwhether it&rsquos a dance cardio class or a 20-mile bike ride. &ldquoI put on it square plaid cocktail from high sweat workouts like The Class with Taryn Toomey to chilly outdoor runs. Merino is also wrinkle-resistant, so the pieces are fantastic for travel,&rdquo Haney adds.

Plus, you can really feel fantastic about wearing it: The brand says all the wool in the collection is sourced from International Merino, a manufacturer globally recognized for its sustainable provide chain and ethical and environmental duty.

The way-chic collection&rsquos design and style was kept actually very simple (by Outside plaid cocktail ottoman Voices standards)&mdashwith a black-gray-blue palette&mdashin order to let the beauty of the material stand out, Haney says.

And finest of all, the pieces&mdashfrom the low-slung, Darby Home Co cool-girl sweats to the edgy-but-understated muscle plaid cocktail ottoman tees, which range from $60&ndash$110&mdashare definitely mountain-climbers-to-mimosas friendly, since the soft fabric doesn&rsquot give you away like a flash of shiny Spandex will. Even much square plaid cocktail better, it keeps your post-workout bod warm. &mdashAlison Feller

Whilst you wait for the collection to land, click via to see the appears&hellip

(Photographs: Outside Voices)

outdoor_voices_merino2Merino Jersey Brief Sleeve Tee (Light Sport Gray), $70

outdoor_voices_merino7Merino Jersey Lengthy Sleeve plaid cocktail ottoman Tee (Charcoal), $75

outdoor_voices_merino9plaid cocktail ottoman width=”700″ height=”1050″>Merino Jersey Tank (Charcoal), $60

outdoor_voices_merino15Merino Fleece Jogger Sweatpant (Black), $110

outdoor_voices_merino6Merino Fleece Crewneck Sweatshirt (Navy), $110

outdoor_voices_merino8Merino Jersey Muscle Tank (Charcoal), $65

outdoor_voices_merino4Merino Jersey Tank (Navy), $60

outdoor_voices_merino10Merino Jersey Muscle Tank (Black), $65

plaid cocktail ottoman

plaid cocktail ottoman

outdoor_voices_merino13Merino Jersey Muscle Tank (Navy), $65

outdoor_voices_merino14Merino Jersey Longsleeve Tee, $75

outdoor_voices_merino5Merino Fleece Crewneck Sweatshirt (Black), $110

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